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Participants at high (HR) and low (LR) cognitive risk for depression, based on the presence versus absence of negative cognitive styles, were followed longitudinally for 2.5 years. Reported levels of childhood emotional, but not physical or sexual, maltreatment were related to levels of hopelessness and episodes of nonendogenous major depression (NE-MD) and(More)
n In developing countries, one in four sexually active women who want to avoid becoming pregnant have an unmet need for modern contraception. These women account for 82% of unintended pregnancies in the developing world. n Sub-Saharan Africa, South Central Asia and Southeast Asia are home to 69% of women in the developing world who have an unmet need for a(More)
Results from studies using a behavioral high-risk design and approximations to it generally have corroborated the cognitive vulnerability hypothesis of depression, whereas results from remitted depression studies typically have not. Suspecting that design features of previously conducted remitted designs likely precluded them from detecting maladaptive(More)
Matovu, Godfrey Mutumba and Teopista Nakyanki, the field team for the study of HIV-positive women; and Dennis Bataringaya, Peter Iranya and Maxima Tibwita, who coded the data for the study of HIV-positive women.pated in the review as an ad-hoc member of the board. The study protocols were also reviewed and approved by the The Project Advisory Panel provided(More)
were co-investigators responsible for overall study design and implementation of the surveys, and for data analysis with valuable support from Suzette Audam. Margoth Mora, Fundación Oriéntame, provided research support in the areas of interviewer training, field supervision and quality control. Sonia Arias, Ida Baena and Adriana Reyes were field work(More)
The contributions of a stakeholders' forum were essential to determining the scope and direction of the report. The following participants offered their input and advice: 3RG coordinated communications and outreach throughout this project. were especially supportive in organizing the stakeholders' forum and in providing comments on drafts of this report.
Hydric soil field identification is a common activity for natural resource professionals and planners, but it can be time consuming and labor intensive. This study used Soil Survey Data (NLCD), and other public domain data to make digital hydric soil predictive maps of two study areas in western Virginia. Soil scientists used the predictive maps as guides(More)
UNLABELLED OBJECTIVE To compare outcomes between children (<18 yrs) and adults undergoing total thyroidectomy for Graves' disease (GD) at a high volume, multidisciplinary thyroid center. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Reported complication rates for children undergoing surgery for Graves' disease are worse than for adults. METHODS 100 consecutive(More)