Patricia Escobar Castañeda

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Chronic stress promotes cognitive impairment and dendritic spine loss in hippocampal neurons. In this animal model of depression, spine loss probably involves a weakening of the interaction between(More)
The development of an effective hypersensitive response (HR) in any plant system relies, not only in their gene composition and expression, but also on an effective and rapid signal transduction(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE The root barks of Hippocratea celastroides have been used for decades in Mexican traditional medicine to treat gastritis and ulcers. To investigate the(More)
Leukoaminochrome o-semiquinone radical is generated during one-electron reduction of dopamine oxidation product aminochrome when DT-diaphorase is inhibited. Incubation of 100 microM aminochrome with(More)
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