Patricia Emmel

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Ultrasound contrast imaging techniques represent a real opportunity to improve efficiency in the preclinical drug discovery and development process. Ultrasound contrast agents (UCAs) combined with specific ultrasound contrast detection modes provide real-time, high spatial resolution of both organ and lesion blood perfusion, the so-called dynamic(More)
OBJECTIVES Ultrasound molecular imaging is increasingly used in preclinical studies to measure the expression of vascular markers during inflammation process. In this context, a new ultrasound contrast agent functionalized with a recombinant P-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1 analogue (rPSGL-Ig) was developed (MBrPSGL-Ig). This agent was assayed in vitro and(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate BR55, a new VEGFR2-specific ultrasound contrast agent, for imaging prostate tumors in an orthotopic model in the rat. MATERIALS AND METHODS Rat prostate adenocarcinoma were established by injection of G Dunning R-3327 tumor cells in one lobe of the prostate of Copenhagen rats. Imaging experiments were performed with BR55, SonoVue,(More)
The temperature of laser-driven shock waves is of interest to inertial confinement fusion and high-energy-density physics. We report on a streaked optical pyrometer that measures the self-emission of laser-driven shocks simultaneously with a velocity interferometer system for any reflector (VISAR). Together these diagnostics are used to obtain the(More)
OBJECTIVE The diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome remains challenging especially in patients without clear symptoms or electrocardiographic and/or biomarker features. A hallmark of ischemia/reperfusion is activation of endothelial cells leading to altered expression of molecular markers, including selectins. In this context, we aimed to validate the value(More)
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