Patricia Donovan

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Participants at high (HR) and low (LR) cognitive risk for depression, based on the presence versus absence of negative cognitive styles, were followed longitudinally for 2.5 years. Reported levels of childhood emotional, but not physical or sexual, maltreatment were related to levels of hopelessness and episodes of nonendogenous major depression (NE-MD) and(More)
Matovu, Godfrey Mutumba and Teopista Nakyanki, the field team for the study of HIV-positive women; and Dennis Bataringaya, Peter Iranya and Maxima Tibwita, who coded the data for the study of HIV-positive women.pated in the review as an ad-hoc member of the board. The study protocols were also reviewed and approved by the The Project Advisory Panel provided(More)
Results from studies using a behavioral high-risk design and approximations to it generally have corroborated the cognitive vulnerability hypothesis of depression, whereas results from remitted depression studies typically have not. Suspecting that design features of previously conducted remitted designs likely precluded them from detecting maladaptive(More)
OBJECTIVE To improve the quality and accessibility of psychiatric service in the primary care setting. DESIGN Under the liaison-attachment model, a senior psychiatry trainee provided psychiatric consultations part-time in general practice over an 18-month period. Patients regarded by the participating doctors as having significant psychiatric problems(More)
OBJECTIVE Given the rarity of in-hospital pediatric emergency events, identification of gaps and inefficiencies in the code response can be difficult. In-situ, simulation-based medical education programs can identify unrecognized systems-based challenges. We hypothesized that developing an in-situ, simulation-based pediatric emergency response program would(More)
A “Hidden Epidemic” The public is largely unaware of the serious health consequences and financial costs associated with the high prevalence of STDs in the United States. To call attention to this “hidden epidemic” and to study ways to address the problem, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 1994 convened a 15member expert panel. Its mandate was to “(a)(More)
Volume 28, Number 6, November/December 1996 volving Church-run institutions. In May 1996, a Catholic health care facility in Troy, New York, agreed, as part of an out-ofcourt settlement, to provide referrals and follow-up for family planning and contraceptive sterilization services. This settlement brought to a close the nation’s first case to challenge the(More)