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Edilberto Loaiza and Nuriye Ortalyi provided feedback on drafts; Stan Bernstein and Howard Friedman provided technical assistance on costing data and analyses; and Jacqueline Mahon and Sharif Egal coordinated UNFPA's inputs, reviewed drafts and provided valuable help on references. Executive Summary care (including routine care and care for complications),(More)
Two of the major cognitive theories of depression, the theory of Beck [Beck, A. T. (1967). Depression: clinical, experimental and theoretical aspects. New York: Harper & Row. and Beck, A. T. (1987) Cognitive models of depression. Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy: an International Quarterly, 1, 5-37] and the hopelessness theory [Abramson, Metalsky, &(More)
Participants at high (HR) and low (LR) cognitive risk for depression, based on the presence versus absence of negative cognitive styles, were followed longitudinally for 2.5 years. Reported levels of childhood emotional, but not physical or sexual, maltreatment were related to levels of hopelessness and episodes of nonendogenous major depression (NE-MD) and(More)
Many individuals contributed to the successful implementation of the Protecting the Next Generation project. The research design, instruments and analytic approaches were developed Uganda Bureau of Statistics. The authors thank the fieldwork team, including the supervisors and interviewers who conducted several data collection efforts. Panos Eastern Africa(More)
Results from studies using a behavioral high-risk design and approximations to it generally have corroborated the cognitive vulnerability hypothesis of depression, whereas results from remitted depression studies typically have not. Suspecting that design features of previously conducted remitted designs likely precluded them from detecting maladaptive(More)
The surveys could not have been fielded successfully without the participation and hard work of the field supervisors and interviewers, who are listed on the inside back cover. Assistance from the following colleagues facilitated the successful development and implementation of the surveys that are the basis for this report: Executive Summary ■ To have only(More)
were co-investigators responsible for overall study design and implementation of the surveys, and for data analysis with valuable support from Suzette Audam. Margoth Mora, Fundación Oriéntame, provided research support in the areas of interviewer training, field supervision and quality control. Sonia Arias, Ida Baena and Adriana Reyes were field work(More)
3 The debate over contraception has long been settled in real-life America. At some point in her life, virtually every woman in the United States uses at least one contraceptive method. Likewise, contraceptive services are recognized by government bodies, professional health care organizations and a wide range of other experts as a vital component of(More)