Patricia Dillon

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'Words and images behave in different ways. A picture of a miniskirt performs a different function than the naming of it. Barthes suggest that words make the image " intelligible: [that] it is not the object but the name that creates desire (Barthes 1990) … Orality implies community. Not only do we dress up; we talk about it' [1] Abstract. The above(More)
The objective of the present study was to quantify the relationships among body condition score (BCS; scale 1 to 5), live weight (WT) and milk production in Irish Holstein-Friesian spring calving dairy cows. Data were from 66 commercial dairy herds during the years 1999 and 2000. The data consisted of up to 9886 lactations with records for BCS or WT at(More)
Do Bank Bailouts Work? The Effect of Reconstruction Finance Corporation Aid during the Crisis of 1933 Do bank bailouts work? Government aid initiatives implemented to stem the current crisis raise important questions about the role of monetary policy in preventing bank failures. The scale of this bailout program defies comparison with any other aid package(More)
CSIRO advises that the information contained in this publication comprises general statements based on scientific research. The reader is advised and needs to be aware that such information may be incomplete or unable to be used in any specific situation. No reliance or actions must therefore be made on that information without seeking prior expert(More)
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