Patricia Crosbie

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The development of total hip replacement has reached a level at which little further improvement in pain relief or quality of life can be expected from the introduction of new prosthetic technology. Rather, it is reasonable to expect longer trouble-free prosthetic life. This paper develops a mathematical model for a comparative economic appraisal of two(More)
This paper challenges the generic single conceptual viewpoint that designers have of groupware and specifically Groupware Calendar Systems (GCS). From the analysis of interviews, we categorized different calendar usage and activity that distinguish between the ‘Private Calendar’, the ‘Public Calendar’ and the ‘Shared Calendars’. Based on this(More)
The growth of the Internet has allowed business organisations to participate in e -commerce. E-commerce can exist between business organisations i.e. business to business e -commerce, sometimes referred to as Internet EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), as well as between business and customer. Small and medium sized organisations (SMEs) do not generally(More)
Age (years) 69 (48–84) Sex Female 19/32 (59%) Male 13/32 (41%) Smoking Status Current 7/32 (22%) Previous 21/32 (66%) Never smokers 4/32 (12%) Pack-years 54 (5–120) Family History of Lung Cancer 3/32 (9%) Race Caucasian 32/32 (100%) Lesions at diagnosis per patient 2.4 (1–6) 1 lesion at diagnosis 2/32 (6%) 2 lesions at diagnosis 19/32 (59%) 3 lesions at(More)
INTRODUCTION Solitary pulmonary nodules (SPNs) are common on CT. The most cost-effective investigation algorithm is still to be determined. Dynamic contrast-enhanced CT (DCE-CT) is an established diagnostic test not widely available in the UK currently. METHODS AND ANALYSIS The SPUtNIk study will assess the diagnostic accuracy, clinical utility and(More)
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