Patricia Crane Wells

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Efficiently entering information into a computer is key to enjoying the benefits of computing. This paper describes three intelligent user interfaces: handwriting recognition, adaptive menus, and predictive fillin. In the context of adding a person's name and address to an electronic organizer, tests show handwriting recognition is slower than typing on an(More)
Lévy flights are scale-free (fractal) search patterns found in a wide range of animals. They can be an advantageous strategy promoting high encounter rates with rare cues that may indicate prey items, mating partners or navigational landmarks. The robustness of this behavioural strategy to ubiquitous threats to animal performance, such as pathogens, remains(More)
MANUSCRIPTS Manuscripts should be submitted to the Editor for the exclusive use of Radiologic Science and Education. Guidelines for authors appear in this issue. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR AERS encourages opinions from readers and other commentary via letters to the editor. See the Dialogue section for more information. It is with great pleasure that we announce(More)
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