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In this paper a new method for reconstructing 3D scenes from stereo images is presented, as well as an algorithm for environment mapping, as an application of the previous method. In the reconstruction process a geometrical rectification filter is used to remove the conical perspective of the images. It is essential to recover the geometry of the scene(More)
Resumen. Los videojuegos educativos tienen características (inmediatez, motivación, diversión, interacción...), que permiten mejorar el aprendizaje. Además, la acción del juego genera una gran cantidad de datos que pueden ayudarnos a conocer el progreso en el aprendizaje y a predecir sus resultados. Presentamos CoIn, un videojuego educativo en el que el(More)
Patricia Compañ, Rosana Satorre y Ramón Rizo {patricia, rosana, rizo} Grupo i3a: Informática Industrial e Inteligencia Artificial Departamento de Ciencia de la Computación e Inteligencia Artificial Universidad de Alicante Abstract This paper presents a new stereo correspondence algorithm based on an integrated model that incorporates different(More)
The reconstruction and mapping of real scenes is a crucial element in several fields such as robot navigation. Stereo vision can be a powerful solution. However the perspective effect arises, as well as other problems, when the reconstruction is tackled using depth maps obtained from stereo images. A new approach is proposed to avoid the perspective effect,(More)
This paper presents a multi-scale stereo correspondence algorithm that incorporates different modules corresponding to every stage. A correspondence method is proposed based on minimizing an energy function using simulated annealing. Multiresolution techniques are also introduced to improve both response time and the quality of results. A technique of(More)
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