Patricia Clements

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The long-term consequences of early adolescents' orientation toward peers for their adjustment during high school were assessed. Approximately 1,200 adolescents completed questionnaires in the 7th grade and in the 10th or 12th grades; course grades were also obtained from the students' school records. Early adolescents who were willing to sacrifice their(More)
The incidence of breast cancer was examined prospectively in 2523 patients registered in a thyroid follow-up system. No significant differences were found between the observed and expected numbers of cases in any of the sub-groups defined by age, underlying pathology, or type of treatment. These results provide no indication that the risk of breast cancer(More)
We integrated the care of patients of all ages (ranging thus far from 4 weeks to 73 years) in our dedicated 8-bed Epilepsy Unit. Administrative issues pertaining to admission and discharge criteria, unit policies and procedures and an interdisciplinary quality assurance plan were examined in relation to the impact of combining both pediatric and adult(More)
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