Patricia Cifuentes

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Reciprocal translocations, the most frequent structural aberration in humans, are mainly transmitted by one of the parents. In order to analyze the chromosomal content of the spermatozoa from carriers of chromosomal reorganizations, two methods have been used, karyotyping of sperm chromosomes by the human-hamster system and fluorescence in situ(More)
Using the human sperm-hamster oocyte fusion technique and whole chromosome painting, we studied sperm chromosome segregation in a male heterozygous for a complex chromosome rearrangement, 46,XY,-2, +der(2)t(2;11)(q13; q23),-11,+der(11)t(11;22)(q23;q11.2),-22, +der(22)t(2;22)(q13; q11.2). A total of 208 sperm complements were analyzed. The frequency of sperm(More)
We have studied the meiotic segregation of a reciprocal translocation t(5;7)(q21;q32) in a male carrier, using the human sperm-hamster oocyte fusion technique and the whole chromosome painting. A total of 296 sperm complements were analysed by dual chromosome painting. The frequencies of alternate, adjacent-1, adjacent-2 and 3:1 segregation were 49.7%,(More)
The heterogeneous nature of genetic alterations in cancer cells handicaps the full characterization of its occurrence and the analysis of their molecular bases and relation to biological processes. Although many cancer cells are highly aneuploid, in other cases, as in a subset of colorectal carcinomas displaying microsatellite instability, chromosomal(More)
Colombia lacks experience in identifying health research priorities. A project for identifying health research priorities was begun in 2004 (meaning those arising from weighting and ordering health and disease problems which could be mainly resolved by research and knowledge). The Global Forum for Health Research combined matrix method, and other methods,(More)
Airborne SAR prototypes with increasing complexity are built, improving performance and including new capabilities. Data processing developments in different fields are required to cover needs in characterization/validation of complete systems, on board system configuration and operation, product generation, improvements, etc. A frame for handling all this(More)
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