Patricia Chaud

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Healthcare monitoring is a general concern for patients requiring a continuous medical assistance and treatment. In order to increase mobility of such patients, a huge effort is pursued worldwide for the development of wearable monitoring systems able to measure vital physiological parameters such as respiratory movements, cardiac activity, pulse oximetry,(More)
Prevention of foodborne diseases depends highly on our ability to control rapidly and accurately a possible contamination of food. So far, standard procedures for bacterial detection require time-consuming bacterial cultures on plates before the pathogens can be detected and identified. We present here an innovative biochip, based on direct differential(More)
The monitoring of physiological parameters such as heart rate, ventilatory rate, or oxygen saturation is a commonly used practice in the medical field. Many clinical solutions exist, based on the use of specific sensors, dedicated for bedside patient's vital functions monitoring at hospital. But the implementation of such sensors in ambulatory situations is(More)
Healthcare monitoring applications require the measurement and the analysis of multiple physiological data. In the field of biomedical research, these data are issued from different devices involving data centralization and synchronization difficulties. In this paper, we describe a smart hardware modules network for biomedical data real time acquisition.(More)
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