Patricia Chacón de Ulloa

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During a review of material from the project "Assessment of the current status of the faunistic conservation objects from the Gorgona Island: a holistic approach to the ecological evaluation of the Gorgona Natural National Park", conducted 2010‒2011, a male specimen of Pazius Navás, 1913 (Mecoptera: Bittacidae) was found. The genus had been previously(More)
Understanding how species use and persist in agricultural areas is useful for planning conservation efforts at the landscape scale. Information at the population level is scarce, even for organisms, such as dung beetles, that are traditionally used in biodiversity studies to evaluate the effects of anthropic disturbance. Based on multiple mark–recapture(More)
OBJECTIVES Human tissues are usually studied using a series of two-dimensional visualizations of in vivo or cutout specimens. However, there is no precise anatomical description of some of the processes of human fetal development. The purpose of our study is to develop a quantitative description of the normal axial skeleton by means of high-resolution(More)
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