Patricia Cahn

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The contributions of insulin (IRI), glucagon (IRG), and corticosterone production to the glycemic changes associated with age and starvation were examined in 3 and 6 month old ob/ob and lean mice. Three month old ob/ob mice had elevated glucose levels under all feeding conditions, but in older obese mice basal hyperglycemia was evident only after 48 hours(More)
Examination of the glucose tolerance in younger (3 month) and older (6 month) obese mice revealed that most of their postinjection hyperglycemia arises from the disproportionately large glucose responses to the injection/bleeding procedures rather than from the added glucose. Simultaneous measurements of circulating glucagon, corticosterone and insulin(More)
Hormone levels and body composition were examined in six-week-old C57BL/6J ob/ob mice following 25 d of limited caloric intake, voluntary exercise, or combined treatment. Pair-feeding obese mice to the daily intakes of lean mice reduced body weight gain, skeletal growth and lean body mass. Although weight gain was the same in the two phenotypes, ob/ob mice(More)
Given a group G with generators ∆, it is well-known that the set of color-preserving automorphisms of the Cayley color digraph Γ = Cay ∆ (G) is isomorphic to G. Many people have studied the question of when the full automorphism group of the Cayley digraph is isomorphic to G. This paper explores what happens when the full automorphism group of G is not(More)
Goldman and Turaev constructed a Lie bialgebra structure on the free Z-module generated by free homotopy classes of loops on a surface. Turaev conjectured that his cobracket ∆(α) is zero if and only if α is a power of a simple class. Chas constructed examples that show Turaev's conjecture is, unfortunately, false. We define an operation µ in the spirit of(More)
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