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A Semantic Approach to XML-based Data Integration
The paper describes a prototype tool, named DIXSE, which supports the integration of XML Document Type Definitions (DTDs) into a common conceptual schema. The mapping from each individual DTD intoExpand
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The iBench Integration Metadata Generator
Given the maturity of the data integration field it is surprising that rigorous empirical evaluations of research ideas are so scarce. We identify a major roadblock for empirical work - the lack ofExpand
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Messing Up with BART: Error Generation for Evaluating Data-Cleaning Algorithms
We study the problem of introducing errors into clean databases for the purpose of benchmarking data-cleaning algorithms. Our goal is to provide users with the highest possible level of control overExpand
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Value invention in data exchange
The creation of values to represent incomplete information, often referred to as value invention, is central in data exchange. Within schema mappings, Skolem functions have long been used for valueExpand
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Answering Clinical Questions with Role Identification
We describe our work in progress on natural language analysis in medical question-answering in the context of a broader medical text-retrieval project. We analyze the limitations in the medicalExpand
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ToX - the Toronto XML Engine
We present ToX – the Toronto XML Engine – a repository for XML data and metadata, which supports real and virtual XML documents. Real documents are stored as files or mapped into relational or objectExpand
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Composing local-as-view mappings: closure and applications
Schema mapping composition is a fundamental operation in schema management and data exchange. The mapping composition problem has been extensively studied for a number of mapping languages, mostExpand
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Data Sharing in the Hyperion Peer Database System
This demo presents Hyperion, a prototype system that supports data sharing for a network of independent Peer Relational Database Management Systems (PDBMSs). The nodes of such a network are assumedExpand
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Data Lake Management: Challenges and Opportunities
The ubiquity of data lakes has created fascinating new challenges for data management research. In this tutorial, we review the state-of-the-art in data management for data lakes. We consider howExpand
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Semantic models for knowledge management
We explore the use of a semantic model to support a group of strategic business analysts in their daily work. In particular, we present a set of modeling constructs for representing goals, events andExpand
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