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The proposed Health Level 7 Reference Information Model (HL7 RIM) Version 3 is the foundation for expressing data to be communicated across health care information systems. The general objective of this analysis was to examine whether the RIM supports the expression of nursing interventions, considering both terminological and structural perspectives. The(More)
The Nursing Terminology Summit has used collaborative processes to bring about significant changes in the development of terminology standards for nursing. This paper draws on agendas, reports, notes, and other documents from the Summit, in addition to the authors' own experience as Organizer, Steering Committee, and participants, to provide a brief history(More)
Building on the work of previous authors, the Computer-based Patient Record Institute (CPRI) Work Group on Codes and Structures has described features of a classification scheme for implementation within a computer-based patient record. The authors of the current study reviewed the evaluation literature related to six major nursing vocabularies (the North(More)
As key stakeholders from the clinical setting and vendor communities, the authors share a summary of their collective experience related to the challenges and issues associated with implementing the vocabularies recognized by the American Nurses Association in several installations of commercially available clinical information systems. Although the focus(More)
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