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A 2-yr experiment was conducted to compare carcass characteristics and meat palatability attributes of steers ((3/4) British, (1/4) Continental) finished postweaning as calves or yearlings. Calves and yearlings of the same contemporary group were designated to a finishing system at weaning. Calves (n = 73) were finished in the feedlot (191 d) on a(More)
Cartilage-derived growth factor (CDGF), a cationic polypeptide of approximately 18,000 mol wt, was prepared from bovine articular cartilage; other sources were bovine and human scapular and costal cartilage. Previous studies have shown that CDGF stimulates the proliferation of cultured mouse fibroblasts as well as chondrocytes and endothelial cells from(More)
PURPOSE Many students in the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine (CHM) are non-traditional with unique needs and experiences. To meet these needs, in 1988 CHM developed a structured Extended Curriculum Program (ECP), which allows students to take longer than 2 years to complete the preclinical curriculum. This work examined the reasons why(More)
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