Patricia Beryl Marck

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Research on patient safety and health human resources, 2 critical issues for 21st century healthcare, converges on similar findings. Specifically, it is apparent that along with the patients, families, and communities we serve, nurses and other healthcare professionals navigate a volatile health care system where persistent restructuring, market pressures,(More)
BACKGROUND Experts call for stronger safety cultures and transparent reporting practices to increase medication safety in today's strained healthcare environments. The field of ecological restoration is concerned with the effective, efficient, and sustainable repair and recovery of ecosystems that have been degraded, damaged, or destroyed. A study was(More)
AIM The aim of this paper is to offer a conceptual framework for nature-based health promotion in nursing and provide related recommendations for future nursing research. BACKGROUND Empirical data suggest that interaction with nature has direct health benefits. When people attend to outdoor habitats, gardens and other forms of nature, they are more likely(More)
AIMS To retrieve and critique recent randomised trials of cutaneous warming systems used to prevent hypothermia in surgical patients during the intraoperative period and to identify gaps in current evidence and make recommendations for future trials. BACKGROUND Hypothermia affects up to 70% of anaesthetised surgical patients and is associated with several(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Nurses as the largest group of healthcare providers are in the best position to improve patient safety. In preparing future nurses, nurse educators have an important role in developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes among nursing students related to patient safety. The aim of this study was to explore Iranian nursing students'(More)
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  • ANS. Advances in nursing science
  • 1990
Fully realizing the power that caring can create in practice demands attention to those aspects of nurse-client relations that promote effective caring. The thesis of this article is that therapeutic reciprocity, as one phenomenon of caring, allows both the nurse and the client to benefit from their relationship in a mutually empowering manner. Through(More)
Nurse practitioners (NPs) were introduced into the Canadian health system almost half a century ago. Despite early evidence of their effectiveness, it took decades to establish a substantial critical mass of NPs. Using the NP as a case study exemplar, we adopted a whole system change perspective to understand what else besides evidence was needed to ensure(More)
BACKGROUND Internationally, older adults visit the ED at a rate higher than other age groups. Little attention has been given to ED care for older people with dementia, although concern for such care is growing with the increasing number of individuals worldwide affected by this significant disabling problem. It is critical to understand ED transitional(More)
In this qualitative study, we adapted photographic research methods from earlier nursing research to identify factors related to organization, storage and distribution that could lead to errors in the selection, preparation and administration of medications. The research excerpt presented here was developed in a clinical unit of an urban Brazilian public(More)