Patricia Benson

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A one-year-old boy with type I H mucopolysaccharidosis (Hurler's disease) was given a bone-marrow transplant (BMT) from his mother in an attempt to replace the deficient enzyme, alpha-L-iduronidase (iduronidase). These is definite evidence of engraftment, the enzyme activity of the recipient's leucocytes reaching heterozygote levels within 37 days of the(More)
Forty-five pregnant women rated themselves for hostility, depression and anxiety. Maternal and foetal heart rates were recorded while they listened to a tape through headphones. The foetuses of anxious mothers showed pronounced responses to certain taped stimuli but this effect was not found for mothers with high hostility or depression scores.
BACKGROUND Analysis of occupational mortality in England and Wales during 1991-2000 showed no decline in work-attributable deaths from asbestosis. AIMS To explore why there was no decline in mortality from asbestosis despite stricter controls on asbestos exposure over recent decades. METHODS Using data from registers of all deaths in Great Britain with(More)
In a study of the effectiveness of systematic relaxation training alone or combined with biofeedback in the treatment of hypertension in pregnancy, 60 women were seen weekly for 6 weeks. 18 were given relaxation therapy alone (group A), 18 relaxation plus biofeedback (group B), and there were 24 controls. Whereas two-thirds of the control group had to be(More)
Forty-seven women were studied during the course of pregnancy in an attempt to predict which of them would later rate themselves as suffering from depressed mood post-natally. Psychometric and physiology measures were used in the three trimesters of pregnancy and six weeks after birth. The psychometric measures used ante-natally and post-natally comprised(More)
Two pregnancies at risk for Farber's disease were monitored with amiocentesis at 15 and 16 weeks' gestation. In the first pregnancy tested, cultured amniotic-cell ceramidase activity was 7.8% of the control mean and an affected fetus was predicted. The pregnancy was terminated at 22 weeks' gestation and the diagnosis was confirmed by the demonstration of(More)