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Smart home: Highly-educated students' acceptance
Abstract In the coming years, cities face an urban transition in order to manage their resources, public administration, safety, regional economics, education, innovation, health, culture, andExpand
How Blockchain can impact financial services – The overview, challenges and recommendations from expert interviewees
The impact and revolution of FinTech and Blockchain in the financial industry is described and the main characteristics of such technology are demonstrated and how financial services should respond to this new technology and how to manage knowledge sharing in a more structured way is suggested. Expand
Business Model Canvas Acceptance among French Entrepreneurship Students: Principles for Enhancing Innovation Artefacts in Business Education
Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas (BMC) has become one of the most used and cited frameworks among entrepreneurs and innovators. What elements drive the adoption and use of this tool?Expand
The digital transformation of external audit and its impact on corporate governance
Abstract The literature demonstrates the growing interest of digitalization in organizations. The purpose of this paper is to study the influence of digitalization on audit’s business and toExpand
The future of Telemedicine Cabin? The case of the French students’ acceptability⋆
Results demonstrate that Personal Innovativeness does not affect the Intention to Use Telemedicine Cabin, and highlight the key role of all Telemediine Cabin dimensions on Performance Expectancy, the importance of three UTAUT2 constructs and the negative impact of Privacy Concern. Expand
Employees’ Acceptance of the Healthcare Internet of Things: A Source of Innovation in Corporate Human Resource Policies
The IoT is pervading our daily personal and professional lives. This article attempts to fill a gap in the field of IoT by investigating the use of wearable devices as a source of innovation inExpand
Differing Perceptions of the Smartwatch by Users Within Developed Countries
Patients’ perceptions of teleconsultation during COVID-19: A cross-national study
This study aimed to investigate the acceptance of teleconsultation solutions by patients, which help to avoid the spread of the disease during this pandemic period and highlights the moderating effects of Age, Gender, and Country. Expand
Peace engineering: The contribution of blockchain systems to the e-voting process
The aim of this study is to investigate the potential contributions of blockchain technology to peace on a worldwide level by securing voting systems by identifying the technology's strengths and weaknesses. Expand
Impact of perceived justice's dimensions on satisfaction within the management of claims on Twitter: integration of the social dimension of intimacy in the interactional justice scale
Companies are questioning the relevance of using Twitter to manage complaints and its impact on satisfaction. In order to measure the return to satisfaction we mobilized the perceived justice theory.Expand