Patricia Balderas Hernández

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Ecomorphological correlates were sought among ten species of distantly related subtropical seagrass fishes. Morphometric data associated with feeding and microhabitat utilization were compared by principal components analysis, cluster analysis, and canonical correspondence analysis to dietary data. Morphology was generally a poor predictor of diet except(More)
Bird communities reach their highest taxonomic and trophic diversity in tropical rain forest, but the use of different foraging strategies to meet food requirements in such competitive environments is poorly understood. Conventional dietary analyses are poorly suited to investigate dietary patterns in complex systems. We used stable carbon (13C/12C) and(More)
Data on health system financing and spending, together with information on the disease prevalence and cost-effectiveness of interventions, constitute essential input into health policy. It is particularly critical in developing countries, where resources are scarce and the marginal dollar has a major impact. Yet regular monitoring of health spending tends(More)
INTRODUCTION Research in laboratories around the world has documented the contribution of the E apolipoprotein alleles to structural variations of lipids and apolipoproteins. OBJECTIVE The gene frequencies of the E apolipoprotein alleles were compared with the lipid and apolipoprotein levels in school age children. MATERIALS AND METHODS Six hundred and(More)
An evolutionary, diachronic approach to the phenotypic craniofacial pattern arisen in a human population after high levels of admixture and gene flow was achieved by means of geometric morphometrics. Admixture has long been studied after molecular data. Nevertheless, few efforts have been made to explain the morphological outcome in human craniofacial(More)
Traditional methods of aging adult skeletons suffer from the problem of age mimicry of the reference collection, as described by Bocquet-Appel and Masset (1982). Transition analysis (Boldsen et al., 2002) is a method of aging adult skeletons that addresses the problem of age mimicry of the reference collection by allowing users to select an appropriate(More)
National expenditures on HIV/AIDS were estimated as summary indicators to assess the country's response to HIV/AIDS. The methodology is based on a matrix system describing the level and flow of health expenditures on HIV/AIDS: an adaptation of the National Health Accounts methods. The expenditures were classified by source (public, private, international),(More)
INTRODUCTION Leptins are proteins that regulate body weight. Their concentrations are modified depending on several factors including metabolic status, diabetes mellitus type 2 and cardiovascular diseases. OBJECTIVE The leptin concentrations were measured in Colombian children and related to age, sex, body mass index, triceps skinfold and lipid profile.(More)
In most of the legally protected areas in Mexico local inhabitants use natural resources, such as fire wood or cattle grazing. These frequent but low-intensity disturbances have consequences at various levels of the tropical ecosystems and strongly impact forest structure and its regeneration capacity. Despite their importance, the effects of these(More)