Patricia Ayoubi

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Expressed sequence tags (ESTs) are generated and deposited in the public domain, as redundant, unannotated, single-pass reactions, with virtually no biological content. PipeOnline automatically analyses and transforms large collections of raw DNA-sequence data from chromatograms or FASTA files by calling the quality of bases, screening and removing vector(More)
BACKGROUND Subolesin is an evolutionary conserved protein that was discovered recently in Ixodes scapularis as a tick protective antigen and has a role in tick blood digestion, reproduction and development. In other organisms, subolesin orthologs may be involved in the control of developmental processes. Because of the profound effect of subolesin knockdown(More)
– Abiotic stresses reduce plant productivity. We focus on gene expression analysis following exposure of plants to high salinity, using salt-shock experiments to mimic stresses that affect hydration and ion homeostasis. The approach includes parallel molecular and genetic experimentation. Comparative analysis is employed to identify functional isoforms and(More)
BACKGROUND In addition to their cytotoxic nature, reactive oxygen species (ROS) are also signal molecules in diverse cellular processes in eukaryotic organisms. Linking genome-wide transcriptional changes to cellular physiology in oxidative stress-exposed Aspergillus nidulans cultures provides the opportunity to estimate the sizes of peroxide (O2(2-)),(More)
BACKGROUND Coxiella burnetii is an intracellular bacterial pathogen that causes acute and chronic disease in humans. Bacterial replication occurs within enlarged parasitophorous vacuoles (PV) of eukaryotic cells, the biogenesis and maintenance of which is dependent on C. burnetii protein synthesis. These observations suggest that C. burnetii actively(More)
BACKGROUND The construction of cDNA libraries is a useful tool to understand gene expression in organisms under different conditions, but random sequencing of unbiased cDNA collections is laborious and can give rise to redundant EST collections. We aimed to isolate cDNAs of messages induced by switching Aspergillus nidulans from growth on glucose to growth(More)
The development of wheat varieties with resistance to Fusarium head blight (FHB) is slowly occurring through breeding techniques. The varieties so far developed provide improved resistance to the spread of infection within the spike (Type II resistance). Immunity to FHB (Type I) has not yet been reported, however , the correlation between the known(More)
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