Patricia Ashby

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A growing body of evidence suggests the involvement of connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) in the development and maintenance of fibrosis and excessive scarring. As the expression of this protein requires an intact actin cytoskeleton, disruption of the cytoskeleton represents an attractive strategy to decrease CTGF expression and, consequently, excessive(More)
Familial amyloid polyneuropathy is an autosomal dominant disorder in which the liver produces a variant prealbumin that is deposited along nerves, leading to a progressive and fatal polyneuropathy that begins in the third decade of life. Liver transplantation has been the only successful treatment to date. Apart from the production of the variant protein,(More)
Glucose, and certain sugars that can readily be converted to glucose 6-phosphate, bring about an activation of adipose-tissue lipoprotein lipase when epididymal fat-bodies from starved rats are incubated in the presence of cycloheximide. Other substrates do not support the activation. If the tissue is preincubated in the presence of cycloheximide for longer(More)
Changes in adipose-tissue lipoprotein lipase activity that are independent of protein synthesis were investigated in an incubation system in vitro. Under appropriate conditions at 25 degrees C a progressive increase in the enzyme activity occurs that is energy-dependent. Part of the enzyme is rapidly inactivated when the tissue is incubated with adrenaline(More)
The lipoprotein lipase activity of epididymal fat-bodies from starved rats was measured during incubations at 37 degrees C in vitro. Protein synthesis independent activation of the enzyme, previously observed during incubations at 25 decrease C, also occurs at 37 degrees C. Protein-synthesis-dependent increases in the activity of the enzyme occur in the(More)
Ribosomal subunits were prepared from rat liver and skeletal muscle after incubation with puromycin and treatment at low concentrations of Mg(2+). After isolation the resulting subunits could be recombined and the particles effected the synthesis of polyphenylalanine in the presence of polyuridylic acid. Hybrid particles formed from subunits of liver and(More)
Lipoprotein lipase is heterogeneous, and it was suggested that the enzyme in adipose tissue is transformed from a species of mol. wt. approx. 120000 to forms of much higher molecular weight as it is secreted from the fat-cell. This paper demonstrates that the forms of higher molecular weight are probably artifacts. Enzyme preparations were characterized by(More)