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BACKGROUND The yeast cell wall integrity mitogen-activated protein kinase (CWI-MAPK) pathway is the main regulator of adaptation responses to cell wall stress in yeast. Here, we adopt a genomic approach to shed light on two aspects that are only partially understood, namely, the characterization of the gene functional catalog associated with CWI pathway(More)
Credential-based authorization offers interesting advantages for ubiquitous scenarios involving limited devices such as sensors and personal mobile equipment: the verification can be done locally; it offers a more reduced computational cost than its competitors for issuing, storing, and verification; and it naturally supports rights delegation. The main(More)
Federation in identity management has emerged as a key concept for reducing complexity in the companies and offering an improved user experience when accessing services. In this sense, the process of trust establishment is fundamental to allow rapid and seamless interaction between different trust domains. However, the problem of establishing identity(More)
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