Patricia Alemán-Flores

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In this paper, we present a new approach to the segmentation and analysis of solid breast nodules in ultrasonography. We have applied computer vision techniques to segment the nodules and analyze a series of diagnostic criteria which can help discriminate malignant and benignant tumors. The segmentation is carried out by means of a combination of a region(More)
Ultrasound imaging segmentation is a common method used to help in the diagnosis in multiple medical disciplines. This medical image modality is particularly difficult to segment and analyze since the quality of the images is relatively low, because of the presence of speckle noise. In this paper we present a set of techniques, based on texture findings, to(More)
The early diagnosis of breast cancer depends in many cases on the analysis of medical imaging, mainly mammography, ultrasonog-raphy and MRI. This work deals with ultrasound images in order to reduce speckle noise, identify the contour of the nodules and analyze a wide range of criteria which allow distinguishing between benign and malignant tumors. We try(More)
This paper presents a new approach to noise reduction and contrast enhancement for different types of medical images. An anisotropic scheme is used to iteratively reduce noise as well as to define image regions and enhance region contrast. The process is performed in three stages and the final values of the regions are automatically extracted from the image(More)
This paper presents a new approach in the application of computer vision techniques to the diagnosis of solid breast tumors on ultrasound images. Most works related to medical image analysis for breast cancer detection refer to mammography. However, radiologists have proved the significance of some aspects observed on ultrasound images , among which are(More)
The analysis of medical images, such as Computed Tomography (CT) Images, increasingly requires an automatic processing for region enhancement, segmentation, 3D reconstruction and many other purposes. This paper presents a framework for performing these tasks using partial differential equations in 3D images. From a set of partial differential equations, we(More)
This work presents a new approach for a wide analysis of the shape of breast tumors in ultrasound images. We have developed an environment for the filtering of the images, the segmentation of the nod-ules and the extraction of a series of measurements which describe the shape of the nodules. This will help in the computer-aided evaluation of the tumors and(More)
Ultrasonography provides some criteria which help the physicians decide whether a certain solid tumor is benign or malignant. However , it is one of the most difficult types of images to assess. The automatic segmentation and analysis of ultrasonography can help the physicians by providing some techniques and measures to classify the tumors. In this paper,(More)
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