Patricia Alba

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Conserved, high-activity, red blood cell binding malaria peptide 6786, from the HRP-I protein, having a random 3D structure as determined by 1H-NMR, was non-immunogenic and non-protection inducing when used as an immunogen in Aotus monkeys. Modifications made in its amino acid sequence were thus performed to render it immunogenic and protection inducing.(More)
The surveillance function of A-SMGCS in a large airport such as LIRF (Roma Finmicino) requires a multi-sensor approach with data fusion. The sensors are two X hand Surface Movements Radar (SMR); for inbound aircraft, integration with two S-Band Approach Radars (part of the AF'P system) is provided. System architecture and relevant experimental results are(More)
Rational strategies for obtaining malaria vaccine candidates should include not only a proper selection of target antigens for antibody stimulation, but also a versatile molecular design based on ordering the right pieces from the complex pathogen molecular puzzle towards more active and functional immunogens. Classical Plasmodium falciparum antigens(More)
Larvae and adults ofD. melanogaster andD. simulans were fed with acridine orange, in order to test sensitivity differences between the species. Our results show that, of the two species,D. simulans is more resistant in the larval stages, andD. melanogaster is more resistant in the adult stage. Furthermore, adult males of both species are more sensitive than(More)
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