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A new fixed-dose combination formulation of adapalene 0.1% and benzoyl peroxide (BPO) 2.5% has shown excellent efficacy and safety in registration studies; however, it can be difficult to judge the real-world performance of a product using only the results from controlled clinical trials. This 12-week, open-label, community-based study evaluated(More)
This interdisciplinary paper summarizes the news in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic urticaria (CU), and provides concepts, definitions and evidence-based suggestions for its management. Urticaria occurs in at least 20% of the population at some point in their lives. Acute urticaria (less than 6 weeks' duration), differs from CU in its etiology, but(More)
BACKGROUND Rosacea is currently diagnosed by consensus-defined primary and secondary features and managed by subtype. However, individual features (phenotypes) can span multiple subtypes, which has implications for clinical practice and research. Adopting a phenotype-led approach may facilitate patient-centred management. OBJECTIVES To advance clinical(More)
Skin disease occur worldwide, affecting people of all nationalities and all skin types. These diseases may have a genetic component and may manifest differently in specific population groups; however, there has been little study on this aspect. If population-based differences exist, it is reasonable to assume that understanding these differences may(More)
BACKGROUND Rosacea is currently treated according to subtypes. As this does not adequately address the spectrum of clinical presentation (phenotypes), it has implications for patient management. The ROSacea COnsensus panel was established to address this issue. OBJECTIVES To incorporate current best treatment evidence with clinical experience from an(More)
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