Patricia A. Spears

Paul E. Orndorff2
M. Mitsu Suyemoto2
Terri S. Hamrick2
Edward A. Havell2
2Paul E. Orndorff
2M. Mitsu Suyemoto
2Terri S. Hamrick
2Edward A. Havell
1Luke B. Borst
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Strand Displacement Amplification (SDA) is an isothermal, in vitro method of amplifying a DNA target sequence prior to detection [Walker et al (1992) Nucleic Acids Res., 20, 1691-1693]. Here we describe a multiplex form of SDA that allows two target sequences and an internal amplification control to be co-amplified by a single pair of primers after common(More)
Gravid mammals are more prone to listeriosis than their nongravid counterparts. However, many features of the disease in gravid animals are not well defined. We determined, in mice, that increased susceptibility to lethal infection following oral inoculation begins surprisingly early in pregnancy and extends through embryonic development. Pregnancy did not(More)
  • M. Mitsu Suyemoto, Terri S. Hamrick, Patricia A. Spears, John R. Horton, Ida M. Washington, Edward A. Havell +2 others
  • 2013
Gravid mice and other rodents inoculated with Listeria monocytogenes typically fail to clear an intrauterine infection and either succumb or expel their intrauterine contents. We took advantage of this property to investigate the effects of an extrauterine infection on parameters of pregnancy success. Pregnant mice were selected for our study if they showed(More)
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