Patricia A. Rupert

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The role of dysfunctional attitudes in loneliness among college students was investigated. Subjects were 50 introductory psychology volunteers (20 male, 30 female) who completed measures of loneliness severity, depression, and dysfunctional attitudes. The results showed a strong predictive relationship between dysfunctional attitudes and loneliness even(More)
In recent years, there has been an increased emphasis on the importance of self-care for psychologists and other mental health professionals. With the growth of positive psychology and preventive medicine, self-care is an emerging topic, promulgated as a means of avoiding the adverse effects of stress and promoting professional functioning and well-being.(More)
The present experiment investigated the modification of response latencies and error rates on a haptic-visual matching test via modeling procedures (N = 60 slow and fast responding primary school boys and girls). Twenty-four slow and 24 fast responders were exposed to one of four videotaped modeling conditions depicting refelctive or impulsive strategies(More)
This article investigates psychologists' reactions to a hypothetical case involving an HIV-positive client who is involved in a monogamous relationship and whose behavior places his partner at risk. Results indicate that respondents attribute more responsibility to the client to protect his partner when the relationship is heterosexual rather than(More)
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