Patricia A. Jacobs

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We have performed detailed studies of the spreading of X inactivation in five unbalanced human X;autosome translocations. Using allele-specific RT-PCR we observed long-range silencing of autosomal genes located up to 45 Mb from the translocation breakpoint, directly demonstrating the ability of X inactivation to spread in cis through autosomal DNA.(More)
Women become infertile approximately 10 years before menopause, and as more women delay childbirth into their 30s, the number of women who experience infertility is likely to increase. Tests that predict the timing of menopause would allow women to make informed reproductive decisions. Current predictors are only effective just prior to menopause, and there(More)
PURPOSE Sex chromosome trisomies (SCTs) are found on amniocentesis in 2.3-3.7 per 1000 same-sex births, yet there is a limited database on which to base a prognosis. Autism has been described in postnatally diagnosed cases of Klinefelter syndrome (XXY karyotype), but the prevalence in non-referred samples, and in other trisomies, is unclear. The authors(More)
Blue strike aircraft enter region ᏾ to attack Red targets. In Case 1, Blue conducts (preplanned) SEAD to establish air superiority. In the (reactive) SEAD scenario, which is Case 2, such superiority is already in place, but is jeopardized by prohibitive interference from Red, which threatens Blue's ability to conduct missions. We utilize both deterministic(More)
PURPOSE Primary ovarian insufficiency before the age of 40 years affects 1% of the female population and is characterized by permanent cessation of menstruation. Genetic causes include FMR1 expansion mutations. Previous studies have estimated mutation prevalence in clinical referrals for primary ovarian insufficiency, but these are likely to be biased as(More)
This paper addresses the problem of scheduling randomly arriving tasks of di€erent types at a diversi®ed service system. Servers at such a system di€er in that each may specialize in one task type, but can also perform others perhaps less rapidly and adequately than does a specialist. We consider the issue of how much redirection of tasks from specialists(More)
A new piece of equipment has been purchased in a lot of size m. Some of the items can be used in destructive testing before the item is put into use. Testing uncovers faults which can be removed from the remaining pieces of equipment in the lot. If t õ m pieces of equipment are tested, then those that remain, m t Å m 0 t, have reduced fault incidence and(More)