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Counts of colonies that developed after 4 days on agar medium containing 0.3% xylan and preincubated rumen fluid were similar to counts of xylanolytic bacteria obtained when total culturable counts were multiplied by the percentage of isolates capable of producing acid from xylan. Shortening the incubation period reduced the chance of including satellite(More)
The influence of the inclusion of xylan in a medium for enumeration of total culturable rumen bacteria was investigated. Maximum colony numbers were obtained on a medium, GCSX-2, which contained 0.033% each glucose and cellobiose and 0.067% each soluble starch and xylan. This medium gave higher colony counts than either medium 98-5 of Bryant and Robinson(More)
The amphibian pupillary response is mediated by two mechanisms. One is restricted to the iris itself, the other involves the central nervous system. In the present study we investigated the dynamic of the pupillary response and separated the parts by experiments with lesions of the optic and oculomotor nerve. The pupillary response of urodeles is comparable(More)
The H i Parkes All Sky Survey (Hipass) is a blind extragalactic H i 21-cm emission line survey covering the whole southern sky from declination −90◦ to +25◦. The Hipass catalogue (Hicat), containing 4315 H i-selected galaxies from the region south of declination +2◦, is presented in Meyer et al. (2004a, Paper I). This paper describes in detail the(More)
The Northern HIPASS catalogue (NHICAT) is the northern extension of the HIPASS catalogue, HICAT. This extension adds the sky area between the declination (Dec.) range of +2◦ < δ < +25◦30′ to HICAT’s Dec. range of −90◦ < δ < +2◦. HIPASS is a blind H I survey using the Parkes Radio Telescope covering 71 per cent of the sky (including this northern extension)(More)
In principle every excitation acquires a finite lifetime in a hot system. This nonzero spectral width is calculated self-consistently for massive fermions coupled to massless scalar, vector and pseudoscalar bosons. It is shown that the self-consistent summation of the corresponding Fock diagram for fermions eliminates all infrared divergences although the(More)
The spectral function of pions interacting with a gas of nucleons and ∆33-resonances is investigated using the formalism of Thermo Field Dynamics. After a discussion of the zero ∆-width approximation at finite temperature, we take into account a constant width of the resonance. Apart from a full numerical calculation, we give analytical approximations to(More)
The thermalization time for a Quark-Gluon-Plasma is estimated from a quantum transport model beyond the quasi-particle approach (or kinetic gas theory). While our ansatz is crude concerning the properties of "real" quarks and gluons, it nevertheless takes very serious the basic principles of quantum eld theory for non-equilibrium states. It is found, that(More)
Considering the propagation of off-shell particles in the framework of thermal field theory, we present the general formalism for the calculation of the production rate of soft photons and dileptons from a hot plasma. This approach is illustrated with an electrodynamic plasma. The photon production rate from strongly interacting quarks in the quark-gluon(More)