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Since its identification in April 2009, an A(H1N1) virus containing a unique combination of gene segments from both North American and Eurasian swine lineages has continued to circulate in humans. The lack of similarity between the 2009 A(H1N1) virus and its nearest relatives indicates that its gene segments have been circulating undetected for an extended(More)
PURPOSE This demonstration evaluates the effects of integrating Alzheimer's Association care consultation service with health care services offered by a large managed care system. The primary hypothesis is that Association care consultation will decrease service utilization, increase satisfaction with managed care, and decrease caregiver depression and(More)
Ten autistic children were exposed to four different styles of approach by an adult, in which the common context was the child's involvement in the completion of a model-building task. These styles varied in the extent to which they made interpersonal demands of the child and in the amount of task-directed structure that was imposed. Measures based upon(More)
The study was designed to explore factors related to negativism in autistic children, where negativism was defined as the consistent avoidance of a correct response in a multiple choice discrimination task. A design employed in an earlier study of autistic children (Cowan, Hodinott, & Wright, 1965) was modified to allow a more detailed examination of(More)
This study reports on a retrospective evaluation of the current practice of screening for thyroid dysfunction in an adult psychiatric inpatient program. Sixty-four percent of 342 admissions were tested during their hospital stay. Although 13.7% of tests yielded abnormal values on one or more of the thyroid indices, only 0.9% resulted in a diagnosis of(More)
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