Patricia A. Carey

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Accurate protein identification in large-scale proteomics experiments relies upon a detailed, accurate protein catalogue, which is derived from predictions of open reading frames based on genome sequence data. Integration of mass spectrometry-based proteomics data with computational proteome predictions from environmental metagenomic sequences has been(More)
BACKGROUND High-resolution tandem mass spectra can now be readily acquired with hybrid instruments, such as LTQ-Orbitrap and LTQ-FT, in high-throughput shotgun proteomics workflows. The improved spectral quality enables more accurate de novo sequencing for identification of post-translational modifications and amino acid polymorphisms. RESULTS In this(More)
The classical Erd˝ os-Ko-Rado theorem states that if k ≤ ⌊n/2⌋ then the largest family of pairwise intersecting k-subsets of [n] = {0, 1,. .. , n} is of size n−1 k−1. A family of k subsets satisfying this pairwise intersecting property is called an EKR family. We generalize the EKR property and provide asymptotic lower bounds on the size of the largest(More)
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