Patricia A Born

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The purpose of this study was to determine whether visual stimulation in sleeping infants and young children can be examined by functional magnetic resonance imaging. We studied 17 children, aged 3 d to 48 mo, and three healthy adults. Visual stimulation was performed with 8-Hz flickering light through the sleeping childs' closed eyelids. Functional(More)
Introduction. The spatio-temporal fMRI signal is a combination of several interacting components: The locally correlated hemodynamic response, the network of neuronal activations, and global components such as the cardiac cycle, breathing etc. A priori this implies that the signal is correlated in time and space, and that these correlations have both short(More)
Keywords: Life insurance Guaranteed interest rates Dynamic hybrid Constant proportion portfolio insurance Customer value Mean–variance preferences Risk-return profiles a b s t r a c t Dynamic hybrid life insurance products are intended to meet new consumer needs regarding stability in terms of guarantees as well as sufficient upside potential. In contrast(More)
This study uses property/liability insurance industry as research sample to examine how risk management, financial management, and capital management are related to each another, thereby reflecting such interactions in the managerial decisions in the choice of derivative and reinsurance use, in the allocation of asset risks, in the determination of(More)
Although the quality of rating markets has been academically debated for various types of product and credit ratings this is not the case for insurance product ratings. This article provides the first empirical investigation of the quality of insurance product ratings with an emphasis on the potential sources of bias that undermine the credibility of(More)
Prior studies on the impact of catastrophes on insurance markets have either focused on one specific type of hazard or pooled several natural disasters. In contrast, we analyze insurers' hazard-specific supply reactions. We analyze U.S. property insurers' supply decisions between 1991-2012 and find that insurers' responses with respect to reduction of(More)
Flood coverage is excluded from the standard homeowners insurance policy, but many American homeowners are not aware of this exclusion. As a result, flood events may provide new information to policyholders and allow them to update the probability of homeowners insurance losses. We model this possibility and find that floods decrease the demand for(More)
Reproduction partielle permise avec citation du document source, incluant la notice ©. Short sections may be quoted without explicit permission, if full credit, including © notice, is given to the source. CIRANO Le CIRANO est un organisme sans but lucratif constitué en vertu de la Loi des compagnies du Québec. Le financement de son infrastructure et de ses(More)
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