Patricia A Bailey

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A survey was carried out to investigate the medical care of asthma and wheezing illness in a school population. Children with current wheezing illness were identified by a screening questionnaire to the parents of 5100 children in one school cohort from all schools in an outer London borough. Of the 89% who responded, 11.1% reported wheezing within the past(More)
The recent chronology of metal deposition was examined in Lake Pepin, a large natural lake on the Upper Mississippi River about 75 km downstream from the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, metropolitan area. The lake, which has a high trapping efficiency for suspended sediments, serves as a sink for metals from industrial and domestic effluents discharged(More)
We studied the efficacy and safety of oral tetrahydroaminoacridine (THA) combined with lecithin in 52 patients with Alzheimer's disease. The maximal tolerated dose of THA (up to 100 mg per day) was determined during an eight-week titration period, after which the tolerated dose of THA or placebo was given during two sequential randomized periods of(More)
Since the discovery of a significant depletion of acetylcholine in discrete areas of the brain of patients affected by Alzheimer's disease, attempts at symptomatic therapy have concentrated on acetylcholine supplementation, an approach that is based upon the efficacy of dopaminergic supplementation therapy for Parkinson's disease. Choline, then lecithin,(More)
Patients with moderate to advanced Parkinson's disease may have prominent levodopa-related motor fluctuations. In a double-blind crossover study, we compared the anti-Parkinson effects of standard Sinemet with a controlled-release formulation (Sinemet CR-4) in 23 patients with short-duration responses to standard Sinemet. With Sinemet CR-4, approximately(More)
The plasma magnesium (Mg) concentrations of 582 unselected diabetic outpatients and 140 control subjects were measured by atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Mean plasma Mg (+/-S.D.) was significantly lower in the diabetic patients (0.737 +/- 0.071 mmol/l) than in the control subjects (0.810 +/- 0.057 mmol/l), and 146 (25%) diabetics had values below those(More)
This article presents a tool that can be used to assess the readiness of a health facility to provide emergency obstetric care. The 'walk-through' tool is a checklist that follows the physical path that a woman and her caregivers might follow. The items on the checklist are critical to an enabling environment in which skilled providers can save lives. The(More)
The relationship between month of birth and asthma, respiratory symptoms and peak expiratory flow rate has been investigated in population surveys of children and in hospital admission data. Several relationships with month of birth and various respiratory problems is likely. The mechanism remains obscure.
A survey in the London Borough of Croydon was conducted among an entire school cohort, aged about 9 years, to describe the current morbidity from wheezing illness, its relation to social and family factors, and its effects on social and educational development. A postal screening questionnaire was sent to 5100 parents, and 11.1% of the children were(More)