Patrice Tran

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Eighty-one channels spaced by 50GHz and modulated at 40Gbit/s are transmitted over 11520km, thanks to RZ PDM-BPSK modulation, coherent detection, and a new large effective area fibre. Introduction Within a given amplifier bandwidth, the capacity of an optical system is simply proportional to the information spectral density (ISD). The ISD of commercial(More)
100 Gb/s end-to-end broadband optical solutions are attractive to cope with the increasing demand for capacity. Polarization-division-multiplexed (PDM) quaternary-phase-shift-keying (QPSK) paired with coherent detection has been found to be promising for upgrading optical legacy systems based on 50 GHz wavelength slots thanks to its high spectral efficiency(More)
We investigate the potential of 100Gb/s polarization division multiplexed (PDM-) quadrature phase shift keying (QPSK) paired with coherent detection to enable the future capacity upgrade of current networks designed for 10Gb/s non-return to zero (NRZ) on-off keying data. We experimentally assess the tolerance to nonlinear effects of such a solution over(More)
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