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Several transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) studies have reported facilitation of the primary motor cortex (M1) during the mere observation of actions. This facilitation was shown to be highly congruent, in terms of somatotopy, with the observed action, even at the level of single muscles. With the present study, we investigated whether this(More)
Recent studies of corticospinal excitability during observation of grasping and lifting of objects of different weight have highlighted the role of agent's kinematics in modulating observer's motor excitability. Here, we investigate whether explicit weight-related information, provided by written labels on the objects, modulate the excitability of the(More)
Title: Corticospinal excitability during motor preparation: a comparison among execution, voluntary inhibition, and observation of an interceptive task Running title: Corticospinal excitability during motor preparation ABSTRACT The present work evaluated in human subjects, by transcranial magnetic stimulation, the modulation of corticospinal excitability(More)
In our study we have collected 1000 consecutive cases of oral cholecystographic opacification of the gall-bladder and common bile duct; occasionally a complimentary intra-venous cholangiography had also been carried out. In 360 cases there was disease of the gall-bladder or a faint opacification of the common bile duct was abnormal in only three cases,(More)
An investigation on 1000 cases of oral cholecystography allowed us to collect 640 non pathologic opacifications of the gallblader and among them only 3 cases of pathological common bile ducts (0,47 percent). Consequently when the gallbladder appears normal on the oral cholecystography, the fatty meal seems to be non compulsory but only when clinical(More)
Report of 2 cases of paralytic ileus of the stomach (gastric atony) and of 14 cases of gastric retention, diagnosed from the radiographs obtained from a group of 1500 diabetic patients within seven years. These disorders occur in diabetes mellitus present for many years and associated with peripheral neuropathy. The above findings often present diagnostic(More)
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