Patrice Raynaud

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Lysozyme is present in the salivary secretions and a low level has been reported for the bile and the pancreatic juice. It has been found to be absent from the digestive material of the rabbit stomach and small and large intestines as well as from the intestinal secretions taken from temporary fistulae placed at the duodenal, jejunal, ileal and colic(More)
A series of plasma-mediated coatings, containing silver nanoparticles embedded in an organosilicon or silica-like matrix, were deposited onto stainless steel and chemically characterized. Their anti-adhesive properties were evaluated in vitro towards Escherichia coli by performing shear-flow induced detachment experiments. Increasing the wall shear stress(More)
Given the growing use of nanotechnology in many common consumer products, including foods, evaluation of the consequences of chronic exposure to nanoparticles in humans has become a major public health issue. The oral route of exposure has been poorly explored, despite the presence of a fraction of nanosized particles in certain food additives/supplements(More)
The distribution of volatile fatty acids (VFA) in digestive tract contents of Rabbits was studied using gas chromatography. VFA concentration in the posterior zones of the digestive tract were very high and comparable to values for ruminants. The distribution of the three principal VFA was different from that found in polygastric as well as monogastric(More)