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A perfect power is a positive integer of the form a x where a ≥ 1 and x ≥ 2 are rational integers. Subbayya Sivasankaranarayana Pillai wrote several papers on these numbers. In 1936 and again in 1945 he suggested that for any given k ≥ 1, the number of positive integer solutions (a, b, x, y), with x ≥ 2 and y ≥ 2, to the Diophantine equation a x − b y = k(More)
A survey of silicosis patients and people exposed to silica dust was set up in an effort to look for any relationship between humoral and cell-mediated autoimmune phenomena. It was found that in both sets of subjects, the level of Fc IgG receptor-bearing T lymphocytes was significantly reduced, there was also an inverse correlation between these cell(More)
We found a significant decrease of OKT8 + ve cells in silicosis patients (18.1%), but also in unaffected exposed workers (19.0%), when compared with sex- and age-matched controls (22.8%). The proportion of OKT8 + ve cells was significantly lower in subjects with antinuclear antibodies (15.7%) and in those with IgG-rheumatoid factors (16.3%).
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