Patrice Laurençot

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Many critical, real-time systems or multimedia systems have time constraints in their spec$cations. But testing such systems isn’t obvious, because the notion of time is not directly under control. A well known problem concerns explosion and complexity related to the computation of behavior graph for real time specijcations. This paper introduces a novel(More)
This article presents the implementation of a validation platform based on formal methods and the experimental results obtained. This platform allows performing conformance and interoperability tests, analysing the specification and constructing a performance model for the services. It covers all stages of the validation which are: formal specification,(More)
Web Services are more and more used in designing and building systems in open and dynamic distributed environments. The security of these transactions is becoming a critical issue. This paper proposes a security testing method for stateful Web Services. We define some specific security rules with the Nomad language. Then, we construct test cases from a(More)
Asynchronous javascript and XML (AJAX) is a recent group of technologies used to develop dynamic web pages. Ajax applications are wisely used nowadays and need to be tested to ensure their reliability.  This paper introduces a method and an architecture for automatic AJAX application testing. We use STS automata for describing the application(More)
The intent mechanism is a powerful feature of the Android platform that helps compose existing components together to build a Mobile application. However, hackers can leverage the intent messaging to extract personal data or to call components without credentials by sending malicious intents to components. This paper tackles this issue by proposing a(More)