Patrice J. Mangin

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Polysomnograms were obtained from two groups of normal subjects (20 medical students and 20 elderly persons). The recordings included the usual sleep parameters (electroencephalograph, electrooculograph, and electromyograph of chin muscles) and respiratory data obtained by means of a pneumotachygraph (tidal volumes and respiratory frequency) and thoracic(More)
Clinical risk factors have a low predictive value on suicide. This may explain the increasing interest in potential neurobiological correlates and specific heritable markers of suicide vulnerability. This review aims to present the current neurobiological findings that have been shown to be implicated in suicide completers and to discuss how postmortem(More)
BACKGROUND Cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug and its therapeutic aspects have a growing interest. Short-term psychotic reactions have been described but not clearly with synthetic oral THC, especially in occasional users. CASE PRESENTATIONS We report two cases of healthy subjects who were occasional but regular cannabis users without(More)
The metabolic effect of multiple oral testosterone undecanoate (TU) doses over 4 weeks was assessed in seven voluntary men. The protocol was designed to detect accumulation of the substance by choosing the appropriate spot urines collections time and to study the urinary clearance of the substance after weeks of treatment. Urines were analysed by a new(More)
Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Technology to be presented with due permission for public examination and criticism in the Seminar Room Abstract The newspaper and media companies' venture into electronic editions during the last decade place new demands on the organisation, the workflows, and the technology utilised within the organisation. In order to(More)
When facing age-related cerebral decline, older adults are unequally affected by cognitive impairment without us knowing why. To explore underlying mechanisms and find possible solutions to maintain life-space mobility, there is a need for a standardized behavioral test that relates to behaviors in natural environments. The aim of the project described in(More)
The time flexography was synonym for " potatoes printing " belongs to the history. All around the world the flexographic process has proved its ability to produce high quality on a very large amount of different substrates. Flexibility and simplicity are namely major assets of the process, which is the only conventional printing process showing a positive(More)
BACKGROUND In many countries, primary care physicians determine whether or not older drivers are fit to drive. Little, however, is known regarding the effects of cognitive decline on driving performance and the means to detect it. This study explores to what extent the trail making test (TMT) can provide indications to clinicians about their older patients'(More)
The authors studied sleep organization and modifications in ventilation in 20 healthy subjects (11 men, 9 women) with an average age of 65 years. There was a diminution (in relation to young adults) in the quantity of sleep with a relative increase in light slow wave sleep and reduction in deep slow wave and REM sleep phases. A reduction was also noted in(More)