Patrice Frison

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In a problem-based learning (PBL) environment, students work in groups on real-life problems and have the opportunity to determine for themselves what they need to learn in the relevant subject area(s). A common feature of problem-based learning is to provide students with a range of resources that assist them in solving the problems. This paper attempts to(More)
A mechanism for overlapped I/O management operations and computation on a simd linear systolic array is presented. This mechanism is based on two synchronized controllers allowing a speedup factor of 2 over simd machines without overlapped facility. Code generation is achieved using the C-stolic language, specifically designed for the architectural features(More)
A systolic algorithm for connected word recognition (CWR) using dynamic time warping (DTW> technique is described. The algorithm relies upon an iterative method for finding the sequence of connected words that minimizes DTW distance to a given utterance. This method allows simultaneous computation of the best connected word sequence regardless of its number(More)