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In a problem-based learning (PBL) environment, students work in groups on real-life problems and have the opportunity to determine for themselves what they need to learn in the relevant subject area(s). A common feature of problem-based learning is to provide students with a range of resources that assist them in solving the problems. This paper attempts to(More)
The software engineering teaching is a true challenge. Indeed software engineering technology is only justified for large projects or long-term applications maintenance ; aspects impossible to show at the time of introductory course.In order to circumvent these difficulties, we propose a new approach of software development teaching which we called(More)
Software reliability and correctness remain a major problem in industry. The goal of our study is to propose a software component design framework which promote the highest formal level compatible with economic, organizational and programmer skills constraints. The support of our approach is a model of self-documented and self-testable classes, that uses(More)
MADMACS is an interactive graphics editor for hierarchical VLSI layouts. Like most editors, it includes all editing facilities needed for complex circuit design. However, Madmacs provides a powerful user interface to facilitate and speedup regular and structured layout editing. This technique, similar to the macro editing concept used in the EMACS text(More)