Patrice Carle

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Chronicles are used to describe behaviours, e.g. when (un) desired behaviours should be detected within an event flow, for instance in aerospace system studies. In this paper we first introduce a language to describe chronicles and event related notions, before defining a denotational semantics of a chronicle recognition within an event flow. We present an(More)
This paper focuses on an application of formal methods: behavior detection, where a formal language is used to describe behaviors within a system, together with formal recognition rules used to detect these described behaviors within an event flow resulting from the operation of the system. This formal approach is very interesting for aerospace system(More)
This paper deals with a formal approach for the detection of situations in the context of complex event processing, which is a technique particularly employed in the aerospace field. Indeed, aerospace systems generally involve numerous interacting agents, to each of which are associated various possible events, thus yielding a huge flow of events. A common(More)
This work deals with data analysis issues in an aeronautics context by using a formal framework relying on activity recognition techniques which are applied to the certification and safety analysis processes of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in breakdown situations. In this paper, the behaviour of these systems is modelled, simulated and studied in case of(More)
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