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Ophthalmologic adverse effects of bisphosphonate therapy are infrequent and of unclear pathogenesis. The most common has been anterior uveitis, of which 18 cases have been reported. Onset was within 24 to 48 hours after infusion initiation, and both eyes were affected in most patients. The outcome was favorable within a few days after bisphosphonate(More)
The effects of 10-day bilateral adrenalectomy on morphometry, proliferation, and apoptosis were determined in the small intestine of 3-month-old Sprague–Dawley rats. The activities of sucrase, lactase, and its respective mRNA, aminopeptidase N, and intestinal alkaline phosphatase were also evaluated. Adrenalectomy lead to partial atrophy and disorganization(More)
In patients with thalassemia treated by long-term chronic blood transfusions who survive beyond the first ten or twenty years of life but received no or inadequate chelating therapy during the first years, evaluation of iron overload and its consequences on tissues may prove an arduous task. MRI is a non-invasive means of measuring the amount of iron in the(More)
The availability of a 99mTc red blood cell labeling procedure, using a commercial kit to label at high activity level a small volume of autologus red blood cells, permitted measuring 131 ventricular ejection fractions and regional contraction abnormalities with a non-invasive technique. An individual cardiac synchronizer was connected to the patient to(More)
The authors explored 48 patients with various forms of inflammatory rheumatism and 8 controls. The exploration consisted of seeking in the synovial membrane ferric pigments by Perls stain, or studying the movements of Fe 59 bound to siderophyllin in the joints. Intra-articular iron deposits were thus demonstrated only in the inflammatory cases. Its(More)
Ultrafiltrates from uremic patients can induce, in vitro, strong modifications of beating frequency of auricular fragments of the embryonic chick heart. According to concentration, effects increase from tachycardia to cessation of cardiac beats. Complete reversion is always observed after washing with normal medium. Only fraction 7c of middle molecules(More)
This study was undertaken to determine the prognostic value of exercise myocardial scintigraphy in hypertension patients suspected of coronary disease. One hundred and thirty six hypertension patients (mean age: 59) suspected of coronary disease were monitored for 46 months after thallium 201 exercise myocardial scintigraphy (tomographic mode). Prognostic(More)