Patric R. Spence

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Social media have gained increased usage rapidly for a variety of reasons. News and information is one such reason. The current study examines how system-generated cues available in social media impact perceptions of a source's credibility. Participants were asked to view one of six mock pages that varied both the number of followers and the(More)
Social media are increasingly being used as an information source, including information related to risks and crises. The current study examines how pieces of information available in social media impact perceptions of source credibility. Specifically, participants in the study were asked to view 1 of 3 mock pages that varied the recency with(More)
This study examined differences in evacuation, crisis preparation, information-seeking patterns, and media use among the communities of disabled and non-disabled evacuees in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Surveys were collected from 554 Katrina evacuees temporarily relocated in different areas of the United States. Results indicate differences in(More)
This article examines the heuristic value of a model of risk communication outlined by Peter Sandman. It tests and expands the proposed constructs and seeks to establish a measurement model. Results in the first laboratory study indicated congruence between the model and data, while the second demonstrated the capacity for manipulation of the constructs. A(More)