Patric R. J. Östergård

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The problem of nding the maximum radius of n non-overlapping equal circles in a unit square is considered. A computer-aided method for proving global optimality of such packings is presented. This method is based on recent results by De Groot, Monagan, Peik-ert, and WWrtz. As an example, it is shown how the method can be used to get an optimality proof for(More)
A set of points, S ⊆ P G(r, q), is said to be-saturating if, for any point x ∈ P G(r, q), there exist + 1 points in S that generate a subspace in which x lies. The cardinality of a smallest possible set S with this property is denoted by k(r, q,). We give a short survey of what is known about k(r, q, 1) and present new results for k(r, q, 2) for small(More)