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In this work, poloxamer (PL)-based binary hydrogels, composed of PL 407 and PL 188, were studied with regard to the physicochemical aspects of sol-gel transition and pharmaceutical formulation issues(More)
Current therapies for Chagas' disease, leishmaniasis and tuberculosis are unsatisfactory because of the failure rates, significant toxicity and/or drug resistance. In this study, the compound(More)
A variety of stimuli can induce cells to undergo apoptosis, with one of the most reproducible inducers being mild oxidative stress following exposure to anticancer agents. Apoptosis involves events(More)
Violacein is a compound obtained from Chromobacterium violaceum, a bacterium found in the Amazonian region. Violacein-loaded poly (D, L-lactide-co-glycolide) nanoparticles has a similar inhibitory(More)