Patrícia Vianna Bonnini Palma

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OBJECTIVES This study investigated the relationship between urease and arginine deiminase system (ADS) activities and dental caries through a cross-sectional study. MATERIAL AND METHODS Urease and ADS activities were measured in saliva and plaque samples from 10 caries-free subjects and 13 caries-active. Urease activity was obtained from the ammonia(More)
púbica; 2) realización de dos marcas superiores en el pliegue genito-femoral y dos inferiores a 2 cm lateralmente y 3 cm infe-riormente en relación a las primeras; 3) introducción agujas superiores paralelas a la rama isquiopúbica y conexión con los " brazos " del injerto e introducción de agujas inferiores verticalmente con conexión a las " piernas " del(More)
In Brazil, the existing reference values for T-lymphocytes subsets are based on data originated in other countries. There is no local information on normal variation for these parameters in Brazilian adults and children. We evaluated the normal variation found in blood donors from five large Brazilian cities, in different regions, and in children living in(More)
y la capacidad adquisitiva de poblaciones vulnerables. ¿Se considera la alimentación saludable parte de la seguridad alimentaria y nutricional?: perspectivas desde comunidades pobres Abstract Background: the definition of food and nutrition security (FNS) includes the importance of the nutritional quality of foods other than sufficiency. However, there is(More)
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