Patrícia Silveira

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Assessing whether a company's business practices conform to laws and regulations and follow standards and best practices, i.e., compliance gover-nance, is a complex and costly task. Few software tools aiding compliance go-vernance exist; however, they typically do not really address the needs of who is actually in charge of assessing and controlling(More)
In response to recent financial scandals (e.g. those involving Enron, Fortis, Parmalat), new regulations for protecting the society from financial and operational risks of the companies have been introduced. Therefore, companies are required to assure compliance of their operations with those new regulations as well as those already in place. Regulations(More)
—It is significant for companies to ensure their businesses conforming to relevant policies, laws, and regulations as the consequences of infringement can be serious. Unfortunately, the divergence and frequent changes of different compliance sources make it hard to systematically and quickly accommodate new compliance requirements due to the lack of an(More)
Automatically monitoring and enforcing compliance of service-based business processes with laws, regulations, standards, contracts, or policies is a hot issue in both industry and research. Little attention has however been paid to the problem of understanding non-compliance and improving business practices to prevent non-compliance in the future, a task(More)
BACKGROUND With age reaction time, coordination and cognition tend to deteriorate, which may lead to gait impairments, falls and injuries. To reduce this problem in elderly and to improve health, well-being and independence, regular balance and strength exercises are recommended. However, elderly face strong barriers to exercise. OBJECTIVE We developed(More)
  • Ralph Eric Thijl Vanstreels, Cristiane K. M. Kolesnikovas, Sandro Sandri, Patrícia Silveira, Nayara O. Belo, Francisco C. Ferreira Junior +4 others
  • 2014
Avian malaria is a mosquito-borne disease caused by Plasmodium spp. Avian plasmodia are recognized conservation-threatening pathogens due to their potential to cause severe epizootics when introduced to bird populations with which they did not co-evolve. Penguins are considered particularly susceptible, as outbreaks in captive populations will often lead to(More)
  • Ralph Eric Thijl Vanstreels, Cristiane K. M. Kolesnikovas, Sandro Sandri, Patrícia Silveira, Nayara O. Belo, Francisco C. Ferreira +4 others
  • 2014
Regarding the findings of Vanstreels et al. (2014), later analyses revealed that the blood sample of a tropical screech owl (Megascops choliba) that had been analyzed 4 weeks earlier at the same laboratory yielded a Haemoproteus sp. cyt-b sequence that was 100% identical to that obtained for penguin 586. This owl had been sampled in 2009 at Carapicuíba, SP,(More)
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