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Keratoplasty is the medical term that refers to a cornea transplant. There are some differences between the definitions of keratoplasty, commonly it is mentioned for corneal transplant, Lamellar Keratoplasty, which is a partial thickness corneal grafting and penetrating keratoplasty: is a full-thickness corneal grafting. The indications for keratoplasty(More)
Eye surgery is always progresses as the same way that the science advances. New emerging technologies such as bio-printing in 3D, developments and mathematical modeling in prototyping labona chip, visual implants, new biopolymers started to use in eye enucleation, detection of eye biomarkers at the cellular level, bio-sensors and new diagnostic tests should(More)
In this dataset, we present the collected data of two experiments with the application of the gamified peer assessment model into online learning environment MeuTutor to allow the comparison of the obtained results with others proposed models. MeuTutor is an intelligent tutoring system aims to monitor the learning of the students in a personalized way,(More)
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